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Studio Itgalaxy once again took first place in the ranking of Runet

December 16, 2019 (обновлено: December 16, 2019)
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The Runet Rating for 2019 has been summed up and for the second year in a row we have been ranked first in the ranking among developers of online stores on WordPress in the lower price segment (up to 200 thousand rubles).

This rating is based on an analysis of more than 5 thousand web studios in the country that have developed and are promoting hundreds of thousands of sites. The organizers point out that in the first place Runet ratings are useful for customers of digital services who are in search of a contractor and thanks to the “standings” they can choose the best for themselves. For web studios themselves this is a great incentive to move forward and get better.

The Runet Rating project has the largest database of web studios in Russia: 6.5 thousand agencies from 93 cities.

Since 2015, our company has been in the top 3 of the best WordPress developers on RuNet and Itgalaxy is one of the leaders in the IT market in Kirov. We do not plan to rest on our laurels and we are going to strive for new heights together with our customers.