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Site development on WordPress

We develop sites of any complexity, we have solid experience in developing sites with integrated online-payment systems, goods delivery systems, personal cabinets, client’s orders history, and opportunity of uploading to Yandex.Market, integrating with 1C, CRM-systems and other services.

We develop sites in mid-price segment

from 20 000 rubles up to 200 000 rubles


A destination page of service or product. It stimulates clients to make desired action: make an order, call to manager etc.

Promo site

Promo site contains information about company, it helps to learn with company’s operations, services and prices.

Corporate site

A site of such type contains full information about company and its service. It lets to present your business in the internet

Catalogue site

Catalogue contains cards with products/service with detailed prescription and photos. It’s used for presentation the products and providing full information about it.

Online store

Online store contains catalogue with product’s cards, order opportunity, and various ways of payment, personal user cabinet, shopping cart etc.


We set up the integration of your site with CRM system and other services, which you use.


Integration of your site with CRM provides the full control over messages from site (processing, quickness and quality). You will not miss a single deal and increase your income.


We integrate your online-store with 1C for uploading range of items and reversible exchange of orders. There will be actual nomenclature, prices and remnants of goods in your online store.


Integrations allow to relate your site with external systems. It exceedingly extends site’s functional. Integration usually implements with CRM, online-payment, 1C, delivery systems, Email and SMS mass text messaging.