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Integration with 1C

Keep the relevance of your catalogue on a site
Section background

Sometimes data on a site and in an account can be different. For example, when a client orders an item, manager can’t find it at store because it has different cost or preview. This happens because of absence of synchronization: you should change the data in account and on site manually.

The integration of online-store with 1C

  • Purposes and tasks
    • Uploading goods and its data (properties, prices, pictures, categories etc) in online catalogue and keeping the relevant information about it;
    • Data transmission about goods from a site to 1C, and possibility of getting an order status from 1C and its correction on site.
  • Architecture of interaction

    Data transmission and synchronization often happen between site and 1C/. The system permanently sends to the site all the changes, regarding the goods catalogue and gets new data about new orders.

  • Working principle

    1C and site work independently and have the databases of their own. These databases are synchronized among themselves in certain periods of time. Site has no direct access to 1C. Accounting system gives or takes data, when it refers to a site, using login and password. So, the requirements from other systems are excluded. If there is a security breach in site, nothing threats to 1C security. The data transmission happens with the help of HTTP protocol with XML-files transmission in line with CommerceML standards


Architecture of integration

Section background

The integration process with 1C

is a serious work, and during it users often face with challenge
Pay attention!
Even a massive CRM with integration is not able to resolve all tasks and it requires specialists interference. Often the CMS “from a box” can’t manage with many functions and do not meet users’ requirements.

Due to the extensive experience, we know how to resolve these tasks

We integrate your online-store with 1C for uploading range of items and reversible exchange of orders. There will be actual nomenclature, prices and remnants of goods in your online store.

How do we work?

We request nomenclature upload, make analysis of it for compliance with the technical requirements. It is made for the future integration of a site and compliance with expected content (catalogue structure and its nesting, items names, description, characteristics, prices, warehouses etc).

We define the list of the integration works for us and for 1C-specialist/sysadmin.

We implement the integration project. During the implementation, we are in touch with 1C-specialist and sysadmin.

Testing the product: we make live uploading on a site. Hand over the finished projects to the customer.

Section background

Let’s discuss your project

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