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Integration of a site with CRM-system

We integrate your corporate site, online-store or landing with any CRM
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About integration

About the capacity in details

you get them as a result of site integration with CRM.

Full control of orders processing (processing fact, quickness and quality)

  • Data transmission to CRM from appointment on a site in required format – lead/deal/contact/company. A task, terms and a responsible person are being created during the transmission. It improves control of the processing.
  • The orders can be sent to different pipelines, if you have several piplens. For example, you have site and several landing pages of different business directions, so in CRM-system you can create pipelines for every direction. As a result, you can send orders from landing pages in the defined pipeline.
  • If you work with several managers, orders from a site can be shared out consequently to relieve the managers’ work.
  • During data transmission to CRM-system, items duplicates are controlled. If there is a contact with the same number or e-mail, created lead or deal will be related with contact without creating new one. It helps to maintain client’s database clear.

The advertising efficiency analyze

  • If you have running advertise campaign, utm marks, that led user to a site, will be sent to CRM with an order. It allows to use this data afterwards for analytics.
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