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Gravity Forms – Salesforce CRM – Integration

Gravity Forms Salesforce CRM Integration is a Salesforce CRM integration plugin for WordPress that makes it really simple to send your Gravity Forms forms directly to your Salesforce CRM account.
Updated: 02 August 2022
Sales: 15

License for one site, lifetime use and updates + 6 months support.

Step 1 – Installation

WordPress admin dashboard:

  1. Go to `Plugins` -> `Add New`.
  2. Click `Upload Plugin`.
  3. Upload `Gravity Forms – Salesforce CRM – Integration` plugin zip file.
  4. Activate it after the upload is complete.

Manual upload – FTP, SSH, SFTP etc:

  1. Unzip `Gravity Forms – Salesforce CRM – Integration` plugin zip file.
  2. Upload it to your `WordPress` plugin directory (usually /wp-content/plugins ).
  3. Go to `Admin` -> `Plugins` and activate it.

Step 2 – Create Connected App in Salesforce CRM

User guide

Step 3 – Crm integration settings

Go to the `Forms` -> `Salesforce CRM`.

Enter the `Consumer key` (Salesforce Connected App consumer key).
Enter the `Consumer secret` (Salesforce Connected App consumer secret).
Enter the username of your account `Salesforce CRM`.
Enter the password of your account `Salesforce CRM`.

Save settings.

If you made changes to the fields in CRM, do not forget to return to the settings page and reset the cache of fields so that the changes are reflected in the settings on the site.

Step 4 – Form settings

Go to the `Forms`. Open the form which your want to send to Salesforce CRM.

Open setting tab Salesforce CRM.

Set checkbox “Enable send”.

Choose the type of a lead that will be generated in CRM (Lead, Contact, Case, Opportunity).

Fill fields for the selected type. And click “Save” button.

When sending the form, the data will be transferred to Salesforce CRM.

Below is an example of the filled-in fields for a `lead` type.

Another type is filled in by analogy.

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