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WooCommerce – Simply Cart To Quote

WooCommerce Simply Cart To Quote is a plugin for WordPress which allows you to use your WooCommerce store as a catalog to hide prices and allow the user to form their request a quote for products through the cart.
Updated: 17 February 2022
Sales: 27

License for one site, lifetime use and updates + 6 months support.

Step 1 – Installation

WordPress admin dashboard:

  1. Go to `Plugins` -> `Add New`.
  2. Click `Upload Plugin`.
  3. Upload `WooCommerce – Simply Cart To Quote` plugin zip file.
  4. Activate it after the upload is complete.

Manual upload – FTP, SSH, SFTP etc:

  1. Unzip `WooCommerce –Simply Cart To Quotes` plugin zip file.
  2. Upload it to your `WordPress` plugin directory (usually /wp-content/plugins ).
  3. Go to `Admin` -> `Plugins` and activate it.

Step 2 – Settings

Go to WooCommerce -> Simply Cart To Quote.

Almost all settings have detailed comments on what they are for, but let’s look at some of them.

Enable – the main setting, if not enabled, does not apply any behavior.

Add to cart button (text) – You can specify the text that will be displayed on the add to cart button instead of the default one.

Don’t show prices – If enabled, prices are not displayed to the user. Instead of the price, your text will be displayed, if you fill it in the field below, you can leave the text blank, in which case the price will simply not be displayed.

Instead price (text) – You can specify the text that will be displayed instead price when setting “Don’t show prices” is on.

Disable checkout – If enabled, the buttons to go to the checkout will not be displayed in the cart and in the cart widget, and when trying to go directly, the user will be redirected tothe main page.

Hide totals block on cart page – If enabled, then the totals block on the cart page is not displayed. Note that when this setting is enabled, options `Before cart totals` and `After cart totals` for the form position will not work.

Display form position – allows you to choose where the form will be displayed on the cart page.

Form shortcode – Specify the shortcode of the form to be displayed. You can use: Contact Form 7 ( example – [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"] ), Gravity Forms ( example – [gravityform id=”1″] ), WPForms (WPForms Lite) ( example – [wpforms id=”536″] ) or Ninja Forms ( example – [ninja_form id=5] ).

Exclude user roles (only registered users tab) – Use this setting if you want to leave the normal behavior for the selected user roles.

Use the following shortcode in your email template to add a table with a user’s shopping cart – [itglx-wcsctq-cart-data-table]

An example of specifying a shortcode in a mail template for form `Contact Form 7`.

`WPFroms` result email content examlpe.

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