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Malina Cash

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Malina Cash

From all contractors, which we cooperated with, only the specialists from ITGALAXY were able to implement all required functionality.

Kataev Evgeny Alexandrovich

A general manager PJSC «Malina Cash»

PJSC «Malina Cash»

We have been working with ITGALAXY since 2016 year. We had a recommendation from a company from the health sector. They made a site for them.

Since that time, we launched three projects:, рефинансирование, микрозаймы-киров.рф. Before, we had substituted three web-agencies, because they couldn’t implement the functionality we needed. For example, we required to integrate a personal account to a site. Nobody couldn’t put this project properly, except for ITAGALAXY. I think, it’s a main purpose, why we have chosen ITGALAXY.

For us, a contractor from Kirov is important as well. As an abundance of questions should be resolved in personal meetings. Much of the credit, why we have chosen ITGALAXY, belongs to Maxim. He explained in details the working process.

During the first meeting, he was taking from me all required information. Then he went again and revealed the plan of the project’s implementation, gave the estimation of terms and prices, showed us a prototype. As a whole, we were interested into this.

I would like to note his client focus, activity, readiness to support us any time, to meet us halfway and suggest new ideas. He always called us to report back on progress, went to the office and presented us the working process. Also, we worked with Andrey, he is a manager too. I emphasize his punctuality, and his special, detailed approach.

The development of a personal account for an agency of certificates was run by Roman. We were in cooperation by the phone, and had personal meetings. He is not only an efficient programmer at his work sphere, he explains difficult processes else clearly. He was always in touch, told and showed the work of beta-version of the account. All projects were launched successfully, and thanks to them we gained all the purposes.

The ITGALAXY staff responded to our requires quickly and carried them out. There were delays, of course, but they were because of third parties, which retarded permanently. We had overload schedule as well and couldn’t contact with agency in time.

In the beginning, I thought the process is – we give money – take an order. It is quite simple. There are always something to update. These updates are consequence of the work. That is, we watch how many leads are coming, and how many contracts are signed. After this, we send a project to rework.

In general, we didn’t spend much time on the updates, and they were implemented fastly. The main, I want emphasize, responsiveness of workers, readiness to difficult projects, and responsibility. I am delightful with the cooperation, and, of course, I recommend ITGALAXY to my acquaintances. If you want your own site, you should choose ITGALAXY. It’s better to begin with the best.