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Kirov Physics and Mathematics Lyceum

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Kirov Physics and Mathematics Lyceum

Thanks to ITGALAXY we had launched the student’s online account by the opening of «The School of Development», and we were not late. ITGALAXY works with clients in really professional way. Not every company is able to work like that.

Isupov Michael Vasilievich

Headmaster of Kirov Physics and Mathematics Lyceum

Online account for the «School of Development»

I came across the ITGALAXY site on the Internet. I had to look for some company as the previous one, that I used to cooperate with, had let me down. 

Firstly thing that drew my attention to the site of ITGALAXY was the way it was designed. I saw, it wasn’t one-day-firm but a really serious company. Because of the failure with the previous guys I had not much time. As I’ve mentioned, I wasted golden time with the last web-agency. We needed to create a user’s account, where students’ parents could send applications and pay for the study.

The specialist from ITGALAXY completed the task very quickly. They made not only a friendly account, but related an online-payment system. Also they made downloading for documents. Now, the online account works is flawless. Design is strict and humble. There is nothing useless and I think it’s great. The online-account is adapted for phones.

It is not the first time, when I work with web-agencies. I develop sites on my own sometimes and I know the technologies. Because of it I prepared a full technical project. When the guys saw this, they have decided to improve it a little. By the way, this was a mistake of the first company I dealt with – they tried to follow my technical project, they didn’t correct me and didn’t tell me what was wrong and what was right. But in ITGALAXY, they told me their point of view that was similar with mine, and proposed how we should implement the project. That day, after we approved the technical project the design of the online-account has been sent to me.

During the cooperation, specialists were always in touch. If there were nuances and some things to improve, the guys made corrections really quickly. This is normal human relationship – they get that a client can’t foresee everything. So, all corrections were made fast. 

Basically, we cooperated with Igor, a programmer. He is easy-going and responsive; he explained all the stuff clearly. Sometimes I was dictating something on the phone, and Igor was fixing.

It’s cool that the guys are always looking for a decision. For example, during the work, Igor said that he wasn’t able to make one thing. But he proposed a solution. Despite of his tough schedule, he listened to me attentively and politely, and proposed something.

I was surprised by the way of contact between the firm and a client. I can phone them any time. If they want to make something to do in different way, they send a message me. Unlike many agencies, not the only man is up to the whole business. In  ITGALAXY every specialist takes responsibility only for his obligations. Yes, it lifts the cost up, but you must pay for such work. It’s right.

Their work is quick and effective. For us it was not a cheap project. But we take into account their flexibility, pace and client-oriented approach. If we take all this factors into account, the price is reasonable. The guys understand that everything should be done quickly. Thanks to them we could launch the online account by the opening “The School of Development” in mid-August. ITGALAXY works with clients in really professional way. Not every company is able to work like that.

I am glad to cooperate with ITGALAXY and I have advised them to my colleagues, and I will recommend in future. And of course, I will address them once again, I liked our work, it’s a real pleasure to communicate with guys like these.