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A main thing I liked most – the efficient response.

Konovalova Elena Petrovna

A manager director of «VDT-Lux»

Company «VDT-Lux»

We found the company ITGALAXY in the Internet. We had some meetings with other companies before. We decided to work with ITGALAXY because conditions were explained clearly. They proposed also favourable prices.

Our cooperation has started four years ago, in 2015. We have chosen this company because all steps of development were explained. I studied a company’s portfolio as well. We liked everything both commercial point of view and professional approach.

We worked with Maxim Sergeev, a manager. He works operatively, reacts quickly to new requires, to changes that are to be done. He usually gives the information about works on the site, SEO-promotion, Yandex.Direct promotion. He explains clearly and plainly. It is sufficient for me, I am a man, who doesn’t get the hang of new technologies.

We worked with Sergey Shibanov as well – a marketologist. Sergey, as Maxim, responses immediately. He resolves tasks and makes changes quickly, if they are required. Except for Yandex.Direct, we also ordered SEO-promotion. As for SEO, we have been having success since 2016. Results – high positions in a search query. We made redesign in 2018 with ITGALAXY. Thanks to the resource, we get many orders.

During the site is working, SEO and advertise in Yandex.Direct, we had made many successful contacts with many clients. They became permanent then.

A main thing I liked most – the efficient response. The team resolves the tasks fastly. For example, we have needed to change the information on site lately. The team reacted almost right-away. Now, we keep in touch with ITGALAXY. Monthly we get suggestions from different IT-agencies to make audit of the site, to launch new systems etc. They propose same services, but on less favourable conditions. That is why we keep in touch with ITGALAXY. We are glad of everything in the cooperation with them.