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Very efficient specialists work at ITGALAXY. They put clear purposes, suggest certain working plans, terms, control points.

Konyshev Alexey Konstantinovich

A marketing specialist of «Meridian»

Company «Meridian»

In 2017 year, we ordered a site from ITGALAXY for the online-store “Meridian”. From where did we now about the company? First of all, a commercial offer was sent to our e-mail. That was the first contact. Secondly, we were told by our acquaintances that have already got a site from ITGALAXY.

In the beginning, we noted our attention on prices. ITGALAXY doesn’t work in overprice as some web-studios from our region. When we had contacted for the first time, I got that very efficient specialists work at ITGALAXY. They put clear purposes, suggest certain working plans, terms, control points. And we can check and control the develop process.

They have this all, and in our cooperation I liked it most. They have the understanding what we are going to do, what we need. Before choosing a contractor, we had been selecting almost all studios in our city. In the beginning, we had started work with another company, and then we chose ITGALAXY. We started to work with a new project with them.

We took into account different variants in our region. But we didn’t like their prices or terms. Some of them tried to sell a usual pattern saying that was unique design. Maybe, they bought these patterns themselves.

I didn’t feel they were confident. They couldn’t form and put tasks. We were not confident they were able to complete the whole way to the end with us. We worked through a manager of the company – Andrey. In general, all I noted above could be linked with him: clearness of statement of tasks, determine the time to implementation of the project, and ability to check the working process and full understanding what was done and what was going to be done. He controlled all delays as well.

I like also, that every questions are resolved by the staff, the tasks were not up to us. During the work, we were in touch with programists of the agency, particularly, with Igor. Now, we keep in touch with him regarding technical support. Igor works quickly, he is able to set the terms up correctly. The majority of tasks were implemented during 1-2 business days.

We ordered SEO-promotion as well. It is only at its beginning. It functions now in demo-mode, since it is working the first month. As for SMM-promotion in social networks, it goes very good, I am glad of everything. All the results are positive: subscribers increase, and customer’s trafficking as well.

We gained all set purposes thanks to the site. I should say, there are no issues in the work of the site. If there any questions, we resolve them rapidly with Igor. For two years of the cooperation, we have been adding any changes and updating the resource. It is really convenient to work with ITGALAXY: the process is strictly organized and systemize.