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Our clients often say me, «you’ve got the excellent site, where you ordered it?» I answer quickly and honestly – from ITGALAXY.

Satyukova Oksana Vitalievna

Commercial director of the company «Oboi43»

Company “Oboi43” (Wallpaper store)

The question about site creation has been hanging so long. I just didn’t entrust this job to anybody. Once, a manager of ITGALAXY Maxim, went to us and proposed to develop of a site. He told me about his company’s services logically and clearly. I like the price: it wasn’t high and wasn’t low. We were told about the steps of the work, their meanings and costs. 

During the site development, we were being explained everything about the project: Maxim went to us every week and notified us about the works process. I liked the permanent notifications. We always checked, what we should complete and what we should change. New additions were proposed as well. 

I want to say about Maxim’s positive qualities: insistence, honest, fairness and ability to explain difficult things with plain language. We worked directly with some specialists. For example, we discussed some technical issues regarding administrative panel with Igor. His explanations were alway understandable. 

The tasks were completed very quickly: after a phone call, all was ready during a day, or on the next day, if it needed to fix any errors or immediate to correct something. Ekaterina – a SMM-manager, promotes our company in social networks. She goes into work very quick, pleasant in communication, she explains all nuances clearly. Ekaterina knows how to convince and how to invest money in advertising campaigns effectively. We worked with Gennadiy as well. He created a commercial offer for us.He made handy work, searching the service promoted in the commercial offer. 

As for the site, we are absolutely satisfied with everything. I think the main sign of quality work is feedback from people, who are looking at the site and like it. Our clients often say me, “you’ve got the excellent site, where you ordered it?”. I answer quickly and honestly – from ITGALAXY. Of course, we needed some updates regarding the uploading of goods and pictures. For example, when decorative plaster has appeared in store, we started to think, how to present it on our site in better way. 

The working process is permanent, since new additions appear always. I liked most in the cooperation the care of clients. This is a good feature that is lacking in many companies. They get money – and that is all, silence. And client should always phone them, ask to do something. 

ITGALAXY doesn’t work such way: they permanently phone and propose new decisions. They defend position and argue it. In addition, they test all novelties and then propose. If a novelty is not effective they honestly say, that it is useless one. 

So, we continue to work with ITGALAXY. I recommend this company, when I am asked about our site. In generally, the guys do they work perfectly!