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Realty agency «Rusnedvizhimost»

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Realty agency «Rusnedvizhimost»

Internet-agency ITGALAXY made their job very professional. The complex approach to the work. Our cooperation was productive and well-coordinated.

Terekhov Yakov Yurievich

Deputy general director OOO «Rusnedvizhimost» executive director OOO «Narodniy dom»

Realty agency «Rusnedvizhimost»

The first time I have heard about the company from an acquaintance. He noted the company between other web-studios of Kirov, that are highly ranked in Kirov. When I was searching a contractor for our project, I recalled ITGALAXY. I researched the information about them in the Internet, and got – this is a serious company. 

Well, the main factor was a positive impression made by a manager – Andrey. It was a main reason, why we stopped our searching on ITGALAXY. Dialogues, tasks discussions, brain-storms – all was enough for understanding – we can work with this studio. It is highly important on the first meetings. In addition, I liked a portfolio of the studio.  

We needed a team for a long-term project. The team, that was able to implement a portal similar the best implemented portals in our region. During the cooperation, I got that Andrey has a high-level of efficiency. His main feature is a full involvement in the project. He likes his job, he always improves himself and develop.

This all helps to maintain a high professional level. Andrey always meets us halfway, he can hear and understand a client. I should mark his diverseness: he consults us with technical questions, marketing and management aspects. I’d note else  such features as honest, responsibility for tasks and taken obligations.

As for technical issues, we contacted with Igor directly. As for context advertising – with Sergey. They respond quickly for requests, face the challenge immediately, propose their decisions. They do not go the way task-completion. They propose, analyse, watch and help. We are fully satisfied with professional competency of the company, every specialist has open character and wants to help.   

As a result, we got the modern site, that is worth to represent our company between leaders in the realty market of our region. I consider, we gain our purposes and do not stand on these purposes. 

We have already planned our further works, and we follow this plan, and improve ourselves. You need to improve constantly and to follow new technologies to stay on the top positions in realty sphere. That is why we continue to cooperate with ITGALAXY. If I have a case, I note ITGALAXY as a studio that convenient to work with.