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Stroysya Vyatka

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Stroysya Vyatka

In general, I liked most flexibility in the cooperation. The team has adapted to the project’s specific. Together we found decision for resolves of issues.

Chervyakov Filipp Olegovich

A technical director of «Stroysya Vyatka»

The company «Stroysya Vyatka» (a building company in Kirov)

We got in touch with ITGALAXY for creating of two sites «Stroysya Vyatka» and «KarkasKomplekt». We had been searching for a contractor for some time in the Internet, and even had an experience of cooperation with a studio from Kirov. We ordered a site from them, but didn’t like it, how they made the job. In doing so, they were developing it so long, and finally we decided to rework everything.

With ITGALAXY we started the creation from the beginning. The cooperation has started in 2014 year. We liked their corporate. A structure of the site, content – these all, what made us to draw attention on ITGALAXY. Maxim worked with us. Clearly, I should to point out his punctuality. Besides, he suggests many useful things. I understand, it is not easy to work with us, since I make decisions how I think, and Maxim can correct me and give a hint from a point of view of a manager in IT industry.

We resolved all issues with Maxim directly, we didn’t get in touch with technical specialists. We put certain purposes in front which we wanted to gain through sites. We gained them. Maybe, it was not immediate success, but I can say, that the sales volumes increased after we launched site «KarkasKomplekt». We had gained rich working experienced by the launch. We knew much and considered our company successful.

This site let us to start sales of prefabricated houses. We didn’t do this through the site «Stroysya Vyatka» (it had been launched before than «KarkasKomplekt»). The develop was without of delays. Maxim responded to the tasks quickly. Now we are developing the third site. I am struck by the quickness of implementing tasks.

Sites function quite we, and there are no any issues. Of course, inaccuracies happen through our faults, for example, we sent you incorrect e-mail ti indicate it on site etc. We spent a half of a year to to update our two sites. And the result is flawless – everything works perfect.

In general, I liked flexibility most . Thanks to this feature, we could reach a consensus. The fact is, we sell specific goods. Houses are not cars, and not even flats. They are created by individual projects, it takes time to approve them. The team has adapted to the specific of a project, and together we have found resolutions for our tasks. Now, we cooperate with ITGALAXY to work on the third project.