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Section background

In the cooperation with ITGALAXY I would like quickness, and full understanding of what we want to do and what we need for it.

Suchkov Vladislav Vitalievich

A director of internet-projects in «Spartak»

«Spartak» (a supplier of construction and finishing materials)

Once my colleague began to create and run online-stores: our first online-store was for the store “Repair and finishing” (by the way, we ordered it from ITGALAXY). 

My co-worker addressed to Maxim (project-manager of the studio) to implement a project. In two weeks, I contacted with Maxim through the recommendation of my friend. In a year of 2005 we ordered from ITGALAXY 5 sites for “Spartak” – the supplier-company of construction materials.

The site for the store “Repair and finishing” was the first reason, why we chose ITGALAXY. Firstly, we paid attention to design and functionality implemented there. One of the important factors is also the formed credibility, since we had experience with this agency. During the negotiations, the representers of ITGALAXY suggested their decisions, wishes regarding the project.

I not only suggested ideas, and they were being implemented, we usually discussed efficiency of different moments. Also, I’d like to point out individual approach to clients. Saying the individual approach, I mean many criteria. In our case the cost, for example, was individual.  

Maxim was our manager. With him it was easy to talk to. For this post it is really important. Moreover, we had worked before, because of it we reached the understanding quickly. As for back-end, we worked with Igor. I have never met such people as Igor in technical sphere. He is a specialist, who can dig in a theme deeply, and give the information to users like me so clearly.

Igor was a generator of constant new ideas and suggestions. Also, we have been consulted by Roman about the customization of a chat on the site lately. To summarize, all specialists of ITGALAXY are thoughtful and tactful as they work with clients. 

The implementation of the project continues, and I don’t know, when it will end. We are planning to launch many projects as well. But I can say without scruples, what we have done together gives the results. Of course, these results are positive. All works were made rapidly.

I didn’t wait many tasks implemented so fast. And slow moments exist always. I understand some delays are possible because we are not the only one client and specialists can’t be torn apart. Generally, I liked the simplicity of the communication in the cooperation  with ITGALAXY – we are on the same wave and understand each other, what we want to do and what we need for it. 

In the future there are many different projects planned to implement with ITGALAXY: online-stores updates, SEO-promotion, and creation of new sites.