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Why you should update software of site?

April 11, 2019 (обновлено: September 18, 2019)
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WordPress is the most popular system of administration in the world. This system helps users to upload pictures, video, and texts on sites and manage sites sections. Over million sites over the globe are working with WP. You know some of them – The New York Times, Forbes, Samsung and many famous brands. Our clients are asking us often: “should we update site’s software: WordPress and plugins?”. We answer – “Yes”. And that is why.

Why the WordPress should be updated regularly?

Several times a year developers update the WordPress platform. It needs to increase the security, compatibility with other products, to renew the view of admin-panel and make the work with system more convenient. With the help of updates developers eliminate the errors and exposures in last versions of the system. That is why, users should update WordPress. 

There are two types of WordPress updates:

  • Major. These updates contain major changes, eliminate the errors of the last version. The number for major release is indicated in first two digits of system version – 3.5, 3.6 etc.
  • Technical. Such updates eliminate errors of system, but they do not change system globally. The technical update version is indicated after first two digits (3.4.2, 3.5.2 etc).

Anyone can match the updated version of systems with the last and know what errors were founded and eliminated by developers, which improvements were added. Security vulnerabilities can be used by frauds for security breach. If users don’t update WP, they put in jeopardy security of the site and its stability. It’s really important to update WordPress in proper time, watch new updates as well. 

When site with WordPress in development, plugins are added. Plugins improve system and site capability. For example, you can create contact forms with some plugins, support online-stores or improve system capability. It is important to upgrade these plugins. The old versions of plugins can be light for hacking, work incorrect, have bad influence on the site stability and slow its loading.

How to upgrade WordPress?

So, it is necessarily to renew the system, and better not to delay. Of course, you can do it yourself, if you know the technical basics of system or you are a specialist. If you hesitate, better to entrust this deal to specialists.

ITGALAXY offers the service of WordPress updating on the sites. We develop sites on WordPress and support them since 2012. We update them regularly. Do not delay the update – contact us!